When clients call or are referred to us, we already know that they may be in a difficult situation. Our Community Resource Advocates will work with them to identify their issues and help them find the services that can help. We also create plans for treatment or recovery, teaming up with other local agencies and following up on our client’s progress.

There are no eligibility requirements for this service. Clients will be offered help for up to 60 days.

The program will offer, but limited to:

• Applying for Government Benefits
• Local Organizations
• State Funded Programs
• Job Search
• Resume’ Review
• Financial Assistance/Emergency Grant Assistance (Please see our Homeless Prevention & Support Services)

The Helpers Organization has a trained specialist on staff to answer and assess client’s needs.  A comprehensive database of social service agencies and their eligibility requirements is maintained to connect people with the most current resources in their community.  By offering this service in-person only, anyone can have access to information on social service agencies, & governmental programs available in their community.

*Clients who enroll in this program are automatically enrolled in the Homeless Prevention &  Support Services Program