The Helpers Organization Financial Assistance Program is a part of our Homeless Supportive Services Program. The program is designed to help people and families who meet certain income requirements.

What does financial assistance cover?  Support for Emergency Financial Assistance/Emergency Grant Assistance (EFA/EGA) for essential services including utilities, housing, food, (including groceries and food vouchers), or prescriptions provided to clients with a one-time contribution within a 12 month (1 year) calendar year when payment was submitted. The intent of these funds is to support a client for a short-term solution. Please see income requirements on the last page.  We will not assist with a Utility Bill or Rental Arrears of $600.00 or more. Our Maximum contribution is $75.00 utility & $100 towards past due rent.

If you have questions or need help completing an application: Community Resources Advocate at 757-575-2683. 

In order for your application to be processed, you must:


  • Provide us with information about your family

 Fill in the number of family members in your household (family includes people related by birth, marriage, or adoption who live together)


  • Provide us information about your family’s gross monthly income (income before taxes and deductions, if you have no income please complete page 7 of application)


  • Provide documentation for family income and declare assets


  • Attach additional information if needed


  • Sign and date the form


  • Provide a copy of a current bill with past due balance, or unlawful detainer. 


Mail or fax completed application with all documentation to: The Helpers Organization, ATTN: HSSP

950 Philpotts Rd. Norfolk, VA 23513 or ATTN: HSSP FAX: 888-335-1336 Be sure to keep a copy for yourself.


You can complete your application online by clicking here