Human Services Intern

The internship experience provides the student with an opportunity to assume responsibilities, under supervision, in an actual work setting. Learning experiences are structured to ensure that the student can apply in the field setting what has been learned through previous didactic class work. The purpose of this handbook is to help the student become familiar with internship policies and procedures.

The program leading to the Associate’s or a Bachelor of Science with a major in Human Services prepares students for entry-level positions in a wide variety of community services settings. Students in the program learn the roles and functions of the human services worker; characteristics of human growth and development; characteristics of human services agencies; theories and skills of human services; and how ethical, legal, and multicultural issues affect the work of the human services worker. Graduates are prepared to assist clients in coping successfully with developmental tasks of normal growth and in solving problems caused by personal, social, and environmental stress.

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Business Management Intern

A business administrator’s job duties can include directing, planning and coordinating an organization’s support services to keep the company running smoothly. The specific tasks can include answering phones in the front office, opening and distributing mail, and keeping records or ledgers. Depending on the size or type of business, they may also be called office managers or Administrative Assistants. 

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Marketing Intern

Marketing staffs consist of a variety of employees, all of whom share a common goal–promoting the company’s brand. Members of the marketing staff need to work together, finding a way to create interest in their company’s products and services. They work in many industries and are considered to hold important roles in the success of their company. All need to be in tune with what is trendy, and considerably innovative in their work.

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