Company Dress Code & Hygiene Policy

It is the policy of The Helpers Organization, Inc. that all volunteers/employees present themselves in a professional manner at all times during the course of regular business activities. This policy outlines requirements concerning attire, personal hygiene and appearance. These standards are in line with what The Helpers Organization considers appropriate business conduct and professionalism and apply to all employees; including management and temporary and/or seasonal staff.Scope
| Attire
The following rules/guidelines apply to professional attire where there is no standard uniform or company provided attire:

For women:
• Dress pants or slacks (no stretch pants or leggings)
• Pant suits
• Dresses
• Skirts (no shorter than 3 inches above the knee)
• Dress tops/blouses
• Sweaters
• Hose/stockings (socks permitted when needed for professional presence)
• Closed-toe dress shoes
• Blue Jeans (no holes/rips)

For men:
• Dress pants or slacks
• Dress Shirts (Long or short-sleeved)
• Jackets/Sport Coats
• Ties
• Sweaters
• Dress shoes
• Blue Jeans (no holes/rips)

| Business Casual (Optional)
As part of our Dress Code & Hygiene Policy, The Helpers Organization has designated Friday’s as Business Casual day. Accordingly, employees are permitted to wear relaxed business attire so long as they are not scheduled to host clients or conduct business or meetings at a client’s facility.

While the Business Casual clause does allow employees to relax their professional attire, you must still conduct yourself in a professional manner, and dress in a way that will not create negative perceptions of the Company.

On those days designated as Business Casual, the following guidelines are to be followed with respect to attire;

For women:
• Collared shirts (including short-sleeved dress or golf/polo)
• Khakis, casual slacks or capris
• Dresses
• Skirts (no shorter than 3 inches above the knee)
• Dress shoes (including casual and open-toed)
• Sweaters

For men:
• Collared shirts (including short-sleeved dress or golf/polo)
• Khakis or casual slacks
• Dress shoes (including casual dress)
• Sweaters

Clothing must always be clean, pressed and fit appropriately. This applies to both standard professional attire and business casual attire.

| Inappropriate Attire
At no time during normal business hours, including days designated for Business Casual, are the following items of attire appropriate for the workplace:
• Halter tops, spaghetti-strap tops, low-cut tops or tops that expose the midriff
• Backless tops or other attire
• Blouses, tops or other clothing that is sheer, mesh or see-through
• T-shirts or tank tops
• Mini-skirts
• Jeans (including black or dark-wash)
• Sweat or jogging pants
• Shorts; gym, bicycle or other
• Low-rise pants or slacks that expose the midriff, underwear or other undergarment
• Articles of clothing that are offensive, controversial or otherwise distracting (includes items that contain messages of a personal, political or offensive nature)
• Sneakers, sandals or “flip-flops”

| Personal Hygiene and Grooming
Employees are expected to meet the following standards or guidelines with respect to personal grooming and hygiene upkeep:
• Consistent bathing and oral hygiene
• No heavily-scented perfumes, colognes or lotions
• Clean, well-groomed hair; including beards, moustaches, goatees and sideburns (no artificial colors outside the norm)
• Clothing or attire must not interfere with the safe operation of duties or equipment
• No dangling or large hoop jewelry which may present a safety hazard
• No Executives should have visible Piercings this includes ears. Ear Piercings are limited to a maximum of [1] per ear for male employees/volunteers, 2 Piercings in per ear for female employees/volunteers. Any other visible piercings are prohibited (exceptions will be made where piercings are demanded by religion or culture)

| Compliance
Any departure from the standards and guidelines detailed in this policy will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. The standards set forth in this policy may be reviewed and/or revised as deemed necessary.

Sexual Harrassessment Policy 

It is our policy, in accordance with providing a positive, discrimination-free work environment, that sexual harassment in the workplace is unacceptable conduct that will not be condoned.
Sexual harassment is unsolicited, nonreciprocal behavior by an employee or volunteer who is in a position to control or affect another person’s job status and who uses the power or authority of that position to cause that employee to submit to sexual activity, or to fear that he or she would be punished for refusal to submit.
Sexual harassment also includes any employee conduct unreasonably interfering with another’s work performance by creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment. Sexual harassment consists of a variety of behaviors by employees or volunteers directed to other employees or volunteers including, but not limited to, subtle pressure for sexual activity, inappropriate touching, inappropriate language, demands for sexual favors, and physical assault.
The Helpers Organization, Inc. will treat sexual harassment as any other form of misconduct. Employees & Volunteers who engage in harassing behavior will be disciplined appropriately. Employees & Volunteers who are sexually harassed are encouraged to discuss the situation with their supervisor or with an officer of the firm. YOU MAY NOT SUE THIS ORGANIZATION, or NAMED OFFICERS OF THIS ORGANIZATION (these persons are available by request) BUT THE PERSON(s) NAMED AS THE DEFENDANT. The Helpers Organization will investigate the allegations The Board of Directors will have the final say with the defendant(s) fate with our organization.